Leaked Screenshots Show Galaxy S4 Running Android 4.3

At its recent I/O developer conference, Google lifted the wraps off Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, a Samsung phone running the original Android. Now, some leaked screenshots show a Galaxy S4 handset running Android 4.3.

Android 4.3

The leaked screenshots have been posted by SamMobile and they depict a Snapdragon-powered Samsung Galaxy S4 handset running Android 4.3. Interestingly, Google hasn’t even released any details about the 4.3 update yet and here we are, watching the version run atop devices.

But that, SamMobile states, is not very surprising. OEMs usually get to lay their hands on an upcoming firmware version far before it is announced to the public. This is done so that the OEMs can adequately prepare for the new version.

The screenshots hint at few minor changes to the overall user interface in Android 4.3. One notable change that can be seen in one of the leaked photos is that certain changes have been made to the Settings menu.

If you are a little too curious to know exactly what Android 4.3 is like, SamMobile is offering you to download it at your own risk. Please do note that as soon as you download and install Android 4.3, this would render the warranty of your handset as void. Also, you can only install the new firmware version on a Galaxy S4 handset with Google Play enabled on it.

Source: SamMobile

Courtesy: Arstechnica

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