Meizu M9 getting Android 2.1, possibly release in August.

There was a rumour about Meizu M8 iPhone clone.Rumors are now spreading that Meizu are going to release an update to it’s M8 in the form of the M9 based and it may be based on Android 2.1 and slated for release in August for around $350 depending on options.

The device apparently features a Samsung C110 processor with 32KB data and 32KB instruction cache , and 512KB of L2 cache running at 1GHz. Additionally the Samsung C110 supports high-speed 3D graphics with support for high-definition video output via a HDMI 1.3 connection and 3.6-inch display.
With Meizu’s previous history or slipping release dates the date is not added to calender yet.As we find out more we’ll be sure to keep you informed.
Sounds like a real nice device for the price, let’s hope it all pans out.

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