Microsoft Brings Back Google-Approved YouTube App For Windows Phone

Back in May, Microsoft and Google had a disagreement over the YouTube app meant for the Windows Phone platform. Since then, the two companies have apparently been working together on an app which would be acceptable to each. Now, their efforts has resulted in an updated YouTube app for Windows Phone users.

YouTube app

Microsoft released a redesign of the YouTube app back in May. However, the app didn’t conform to the ads-displaying requirements of Google and thus, the search giant dished out a cease-and-desist letter, stopping Microsoft from using the app. Google stated that it was in clear violation of the terms of service of YouTube.

As a result, Microsoft rolled back to the earlier version of the YouTube app while at the same time, opened a communication channel with Google to sort out the issues. Thankfully, Microsoft has finally developed a new YouTube app which is acceptable to both companies.

The new app comes with support for Live Tile pinning and lets the user manage their uploads more effectively. Windows Phone users have been waiting for such an updated YouTube app for quite some time now, so naturally, this is a moment of joy for them. You can download the new YouTube app from the Windows Phone store.

Source: Windows Phone store

Courtesy: TNW

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