Microsoft Pays Developers As Much As $100,000 For Windows Phone 8 Apps

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has emerged as a significant player in the mobile arena, but it is still lagging far behind the likes of iOS and Android. To bridge that gap, the company has been trying hard to appease the developer community and has paid as much as $100,000 to entice certain developers.

Windows Phone store

The key problem with the Windows Phone 8 platform is indeed that it lacks an adequate selection of apps. Apple, the undisputed king of the smartphone and tablet arena, currently hosts an apps marketplace that contains the largest selection of apps. And this marketplace is growing at a rapid pace.

Second on the list is Android, with Google Play store beefing up its collection of apps rather speedily. In today’s world of mobile connectivity, apps ecosystems are the key to success. And Microsoft is yet to get that key.

Microsoft can be credited with the fact that it has furnished the most popular and widely-used apps in its Windows store. However, there are still many such apps which are actively used by iOS and Android users but are not available for the Windows Phone 8 users.

Evidently, to change this, Microsoft had been offering app developers $100 for every single app they get published at the Windows store. However, inside sources reveal that to appease certain developers, Microsoft has paid as much as $100,000. This would make sense when it comes to major games and wildly popular apps. Even after paying that much, Microsoft stands to gain a lot if the developers behind these apps decide to bring their work to Windows Phone 8 platform.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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