Mobile Ads Spending Tripled This Year, Facebook Leads The Way

Facebook has been fairly late in gaining influence on the mobile platform. It wasn’t until quite recently that the company was finally able to boast a significant mobile user base. Yet, the social network seems to be leading the way when it comes to the volume of mobile ad spending.

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According to the statistics revealed by the research firm EMarketer, the total spending on ads which are displayed on mobile devices has grown nearly three times, year over year. During 2012, its volume has reached a whopping $4 billion!

And leading the way of this very lucrative market is Facebook. A majority of Facebook users now access it from mobile devices and in this success lies Facebook’s ability to garner the largest share of the mobile ad market. Currently, the social network is set to grab nearly 18.4 percent of the mobile ad market, putting it well ahead of everyone else.

Close at its heels is Google who is able to grab a 17 percent share of the market because of the numerous Google services that mobile users simply can’t live without. These include Gmail, YouTube and many others.

Pandora Media has also been among the biggest players in the mobile ad market but its share has been gradually eroded by both Facebook and Google. A while ago, Pandora was the top player in the arena but this year, it is expected to go down to the third position. The micro-blogging network, Twitter, is also warming up to the opportunity and currently holds nearly 3.5 percent of the market.

Courtesy: SFGate

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