Moto X Is On Sale Again, Costs $299 Off-Contract

Motorola‘s top-end Android handset, Moto X, is up for sale again and the new discount makes it probably the best Android purchase right now. The special sale will be open for only an hour on Monday, Jan 27, during which the handset will cost a mere $299.

Moto X

Until quite recently, Moto X carried a price tag of $399. It was a significant price tag but compared to other Android offerings, the handset was fairly affordable. This, even when it packs some really impressive under-the-hood hardware as well as brilliant looks.

However, with the new price discount, we’re sure Moto X will see a very significant rise in its sales. During the one-hour sale, customers will simply be able to register for the discount, get a personal code which would let them get the $100 slash and then use the code on any Moto X off-contract purchase in the U.S.

One of the best things about the Moto X handset is that it comes with an extensive range of customization options, something Motorola has been touting as a key feature of the smartphone. You can, for instance, even get a wood back for the smartphone while placing the order for it.

If you are not up for the one-hour sale, you may want to consider another upcoming promotion from Motorola. The company will cut down the price of Moto X by $70 between Jan 27 and Feb 14. You still get to have the handset for around $329, which is significantly lower than the handset’s sticker price of $399.

Source: Motorola

Courtesy: The Verge

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