Motorola Droid X Vs HTC EVO 4G Vs iPhone 4 Vs DROID Eris

Recently, more details about Motorola Droid X (Motorola Xtreme) surfaced and said to sport a dual-band 1xEVDO handset.

Droid X is a new buzzword and is most awaited and anticipated Android Phone. Check out the latest photos which compare Droid Xtreme to the size of the HTC EVO 4G, the iPhone and the Droid Eris.

Droid X is extremely bigger in size and if you are thinking EVO 4G beast cannot be overpowered then you are highly mistaken! The images clearly shows that Droid X is slightly bigger than EVO 4G in size. Feature wise, we cannot say, Droid X is superior than other comparable smartphone, since specs for Droid X are yet to be announced officially. But some specifications of said device have been leaked. Let’s have a look-

Source: androidforums

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