Motorola To Bring AME 2000, A Secure Android Smartphone

Motorola Solutions has announced a secure Android phone — AME 2000 — designed for government and enterprise users. The AME 2000 use a COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) device to provide end-to-end data and voice encryption service. Although the handset has been launched officially, it’s not open for individual purchase.

Motorola AME 2000

Motorola used CRYPTR micro in the device’s microSD card for securing session tokens, security certificates and keys. Users are allowed to install their own apps except browser and messaging apps. And all installed apps are updated over-the-air for safety. The encryption keys can be wiped from a remote location if the device is lost or stolen. The device comes with additional hardware and software to enable secure voice and messaging services, as well as secure VPN connectivity over mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Motorola’s Vice President of U.S. Federal Government Markets Division Paul Mueller said, “Secure mobility is among the U.S. government’s top technology priorities. The AME 2000 features a familiar Android-based OS experience with layered security, device management and applications that comply with federal guidelines. It’s an affordable mobile solution for civilian and defense agencies to better execute their missions that serve and protect our nation.”

Motorola do not provide any exact specification sheet for the phone, but the images it showed, the phone looked similar to RAZR devices.

Press Release: BusinessWire
Source: Motorola

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