MTS SMP-Atlas-2 Phone

Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) has announced a Confidential Communication service, which is designed to secure voice services with a special mobile phone, the SMP-ATLAS-2. This new Confidential Communication service by MTS is designed to secure voice services with the SMP-ATLAS-2. And this new special mobile phone was developed by Atlas, what product name also indicate. This special phone provides encrypted voice through CSD 9600 bs data transmission links and also support important phone features as well, like voice, SMS, MMS, and so on.

New SMP-ATLAS-2 secure phone has two voice modes: a standard (similar to usual cell phone) and protected. The protected connection is enabling for between two handsets with same model only.

This secure communication is ideal for large commercial companies, banks, defense industry, government agencies and ministries, emergency response, sensitive sites, and more.

There is no information on price of the new SMP-ATLAS-2 secure mobile phone yet but monthly subscription for the Confidential communication service will be 500 rubles.


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