Microsoft Hands Nokia $250 Million For Windows Phone

Microsoft is relying heavily on Nokia to roll out it’s Windows Phone devices and to make these devices a success. This was evident when at CES 2012, Microsoft officials actively supported Nokia Lumia presentation. According to the quarterly report released by Nokia, it has been handed out a $250 million payment, which is a first in the series of payments as ‘platform support payments.’ While the term is vague, it shows that Microsoft’s stakes are high in Nokia Lumia sets and the software giant really wants them to succeed.

Nokia’s Lumia set, the 710 and 800, are already doing okay. They are not a huge success but they are not a failure yet and critics have definitely admired the Windows Phone interface for it’s user-friendliness. But the question is, a passingly good smartphone can’t compete in the world that is moving towards perfection. And that’s where the role of Nokia Lumia 900 comes in. Microsoft and Nokia both are betting heavy on it and when the device was unveiled in CES 2012, it definitely did stir a lot of critics and reviewers. It is the best Windows Phone yet and is set for a worldwide release soon. We can expect Windows Phone to finally pick up in the market with it’s release.

The $250 million payment that has been handed to Nokia is first in the series of ongoing payment that Microsoft will give Nokia as ‘platform support payment.’ This, apparently, refers to the fact that the payment is because Nokia is hosting Windows Phone OS on it’s devices. In return, Microsoft gets the software royalty payments from Nokia which is directly correlated to the number of Windows Phone devices Nokia sells. Once Nokia Lumia 900 is sealed, it’s success or lack of success will determine the future of Windows Phone.

Image courtesy John

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