MWC 2012: Huawei LTE Mobile Products Will Reach Europe And Asia By July

Huawei has totally rocked it’s who at MWC 2012 by a broad range of LTE products. The crown of the entire event can be said to have gone to Huawei, who unveiled a smartphone which Huawei touted as being ‘49% faster than the world’s fastest smartphone.’ And further validated this claim by numerous benchmark tests. With such devices in its fold, Huawei naturally has global aspirations. According to an announcement by the company, the LTE mobile products will hit the European and Asian markets by July this year.

This may be a really good bit of news for Asian users since most of the high-end smartphone devices usually debut either too late, or never, in most Asian markets. Huawei, however, stated that it intends to unleash the full range of LTE mobile products in European and Asian markets. These will include LTE mobile wifi and LTE wireless network card.

According to CMO Huawei Device, “As a pioneer in providing end-to-end integrated LTE solutions, Huawei is keen to promote LTE development globally, and providing a better Internet experience to consumers worldwide. In 2012, Huawei expands our LTE mobiles series to European markets and Asia Pacific in an effort to consolidate our leadership position in the LTE market.”

Ascend D LTE, which was deemed one of the highlights of MWC 2012, features a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and a 4.5-inch HD touchscreen. Huawei has increasingly introduced such devices which enable very high download and upload speeds, feature users are increasingly keen to lay their hands on. And with this, the global aspiration of the company is not very misplaced.

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