MWC 2012 – LG Optimus Vu In Limelight

The press conference and the pre-event booth displays at MWC 2012 are quite enough for us to have a little bit of everything that is going to be unveiled officially soon. LG has its fair share of new baggage. One of the interesting devices at LG’s booth is the LG Optimus VU. Apparently, it is LG’s response to Samsung’s Galaxy Note. Optimus Vu features a 5-inch screen and has a 4 by 3 physical aspect ratio, which makes it rather inconvenient to hold in a single hand.

One of the high points of Optimus Vu is that it is a mere 8.5mm thin. That makes LG’s attempt at a smartphone-tablet hybrid as fairly good. But then, the physical dimensions of the device make it a little clumsy to hold in one hand. It comes with a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor.

The device comes with a tiny button on top which you can use to drop down a custom menu. From this custom menu, you can choose a number of pen sizes and colors and then doodle away. However, taking notes on this device is perhaps not intended neither quite possible. This is because it has a straight-capacitive screen and the large, rubber-type styli that are available on its display are definitely not meant for taking notes. At best, it can adequately be used to draw doodles.

Another very likeable feature of Optimus Vu is the fact that it has a 1024 x 768 display, something that is definitely enticing. LG has been often criticized because of the lag in it’s touchscreen devices. But this device has a fairly good response time and there’s no significant lag when working on apps. Another major turn-off is that Optimus Vu tools Android 2.3.6 with promises from LG that it will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich within the next three months.

Image Courtesy: PcPro

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