New ThundeRom for the LG Optimus S & T Has Released

KSmithInNY has released an update to ThundeROM. The latest version is now v1.2.The latest ThundeRom for the LG Optimus has been tweaked even more to deliver a rather impressive performance. The team is able to turn the entry-level Android smartphone into one super fast phone compared to its cousins with higher specs.

According to the Quadrant benchmarking tool, LG Optimus running the ThundeRom exceeds the performance of Nexus One, Moto Droid, HTC Evo, and even Samsung Galaxy S by quite a margin. That’s no small feat for a custom ROM.

Given the fact that LG Optimus is practically free — with a two-year contract that is — it’s even more astonishing to see it beating some of the big names in the game.

The update is available for both the LG Optimus S and Optimus T. A quick Google search of ThundeRom should point you in the right direction if you feel adventurous.

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  1. scott c

    I find it hard to believe that they managed to make this faster than those listed devices.  The ROM is probably optimized for Quadrant testing. 
    My GF has one of these.  Guess I’ll see if she’ll let me load this and test it against my Vibrant with Nero v4.1 with voodoo.

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