HTC Evo Touch Sensor Lag

Are you satisfied with your EVO 4G which is known as the most powerful Android? Wait! It seems that EVO 4G is not that powerful, like it was said. Some users have noticed that some emulators NESoid, SNESoid, etc. and general webpage and menu scrolling seemed a little ’slow’ compared to other androids like Samsung moment or HTC Hero.

It has been found that there is a 30fps (frames per second) cap when running both 2d and 3d apps on the EVO. Weird! The average fps must be 60, for such snapdragon processor android phones. This might be the reason that the evo 4g is consistently getting terrible graphics benchmark scores.

As you can see in the video, the touch sensor falls behind the actual finger by at least a second.

For Google’s part, Android framework engineer “Romain Guy” responded to one thread reasserting the platform team’s “target was, is and will be 60fps.” We can’t imagine it’s related to the hardware given the EVO’s impressive specs. He indirectly points out that the issue is with firmware.

The same issue was reported earlier on Motorola DROID running 2.1 but installing Android 2.2 resolved the 30fps cap issue. Some users even installed android 2.2 froyo on their EVO 4G, but later found that the issue still persists. HTC EVO team will soon roll out OTA update for fixing capping of 30 fps.

Source: xda-developers

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