Nokia N9 Gets Nokia Pulse

Nokia Pulse, the popular app that lets people connect with friends from their favorite groups, makes its way on Nokia Beta Labs. And the good news is now Nokia N9 gets to join the conversations. The newly released app from Nokia allows users to share not only messages, but also puts all communication in a context.

People can make small private groups, like family, colleagues and share with them texts, images while the app reveals each user’s location. The app automatically geotags the user’s location on any photos he or she sends in group conversations. The privacy features were among the main concerns for Nokia teams working on this project and the user doesn’t have to bother with complicate settings as the app is set to “private” mode by default.

With just a tap of a button users can send locations for meetings, or find directions to these locations. The notifications system allows easy checking on the latest updates that are published in the specific groups. People who are interested in getting Nokia Pulse app have to sign in for a free account on Nokia Beta Labs. The version for Nokia N9 has the same design and functionality as the one available for Symbian and Windows devices.

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