Nokia Solar Powered Phones On Testing

It looks like just about everyone is interested in going green these days and Nokia wants in on the green bandwagon too as they have recently started a new project whereby four Nokia C1-02 devices with a solar panel attached to the back of it have been distributed to different parts of the world in different living conditions and environments to test the feasibility of a solar powered mobile phone. The black box device inside the phone also records the amount of solar energy available during real use of the phone during the testing phases and It’s about finding solutions to help those people who live in parts of the world where you can’t just plug in……….


Nokia posted in their company blog that the conduct a field test of a solar powered Nokia Phone. Nokia built solar panels into a Nokia C1-02 phone and gave it to four very different users around the world. A black box inside the phone records the amount of solar energy available in real use during the test phase. There are currently four test users. They’re in Kenya, above the arctic circle in Utsjoki, Finland, at a scout camp in Sweden, and on a boat sailing round the Baltic sea. One of the problem is that we carry mobile phones most of the times in pockets and bags. The amount of time a phone actually is exposed to the sun is limited. Matti Naskali, the technical lead on the project says: “Low-power charging from a power source that doesn’t provide stable energy flow is called Energy Harvesting. Using a small solar panel to charge the battery is a clear case of Energy Harvesting, because the available power depends very much on use and weather conditions. Normal charge power cannot be provided with a small size solar panel, but using technology to harvest the energy, every bit of available solar power will be collected to the battery.”



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