Samsung Galaxy Xcover Gets Delayed Once More, No Pricing Revealed Either

Way back in August, Samsung announced the Galaxy Xcover. The phone was expected to be launched this month but apparently something went wrong and the device is now set to go on shelves somewhere around January. Unfortunately we have no word yet about the exact date or the price.

We’ll just have to take the word of Handtec, the only British retailer that lists the Galaxy Xcover among its products for now, and the company seems to be sticking with the January date as well. And there’s no info about other countries that Xcover should be reaching, most importantly the US, Germany and the Netherlands.

But what so special about this phone, that makes people anxious about having to wait for another couple of weeks? Well, its general purpose, is to withstand as much general abuse and still live to see another day. The phone will be sporting an Android 2.3. Gingerbread Galaxy Xcover, but the most amazing feat is its capability of coming out unharmed from a 1 meter water submersion for 30 minutes.

It’s also powered by an 800 MHz processor and features Samsung’s very own TouchWiz interface extensions. The Xcover also features a 3.65 inch touchscreen display covered with scratch resistant and tempered glass. It provides a 3.2 megapixel camera and LED flash that can turn into a flashlight at night.


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