75% Android Apps Will Be Compatible With Nokia X Handsets

Nokia finally made its debut into the Android arena with its recent offerings of Nokia X, X+ and XL smartphones. Although these handsets will have no access to Google Play, Nokia claims that 75% of the Android apps will be available on them.

Nokia X

Nokia’s decision to run a forked version of Android is primarily because of its dedication to the Windows Phone platform. Although the company has launched Android handsets, they come packed with Nokia and Microsoft apps and no direct access to the Google Play store.

Users of these handsets will rather be able to use a Nokia-specific store containing Android apps compatible with these devices. Developers who want to push their apps to Nokia handsets will have to submit their apps directly to Nokia. Some have objected that the lack of direct access to Android apps on Nokia’s X line-up is a deal-breaker.

But Nokia insists that despite the forked version of Android, its users will still be able to gain access to 75% of Android apps. The company further claims that if a specific app is needed to be made available on the X line-up, it will take the company a mere 8 hours to make that happen.

These should be good news for prospective users of Nokia’s Android handsets. However, it still remains to be seen whether such a highly embellished version of Nokia-branded Android smartphones turns out to be successful or becomes another bullet on Nokia’s list of failures.

Courtesy: Ubergizmo

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