North Korea Terminates Mobile Internet Access For Foreign Visitors

At a time of heightened tension between North Korea and South Korea and the U.S., the North Korean government has cut mobile internet access for foreign visitors. The decision came in less than a month after the reclusive regime opened mobile internet access for visitors.

Mobile devices for internet

For long, visitors were required to leave their cellphones at the border or airport when entering North Korean according to government rules. On March 1, a 3G mobile service provider named Koryolink started offering mobile internet service to visitors allowing them to bring their own WCDMA handsets or rent a handset and buy a mobile SIM. But the service couldn’t even complete a month.

A notice posted in Koryo Tours website, a company specializing in arranging tours to North Korea, that tourists are no longer allowed to avail mobile internet access, but permission to make international calls has not been lifted. The messag reads –

NOTE: 3G access is no longer available for tourists to the DPRK. Sim cards can still be purchased to make international calls but no internet access is available.

Thanks to: CNET

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