PureView Will Be A Part Of Future Lumia Devices, Nokia Confirms

Nokia pretty much stunned the world when it revealed its 808 PureView handset. Since then, the world has been asking that whether or not the company will be including its PureView Technology in other handsets. Now, Nokia has confirmed that PureView will be a part of the future releases of its flagship Windows Phone Lumia devices.

The 41-megapixel camera sensor in the PureView 808 blew the world off with its awesomeness. Without a doubt, this catapulted Nokia ahead of nearly everyone else when it came to having the device with the best camera.

Given the fact that we live in a smartphone era, many had hoped that Nokia may eventually launch the same technology in its Lumia handsets too. And now, in the words of Nokia’s Chris Webber, “you can expect we’ll be bringing PureView technologies to the Windows Phone platform in future Lumia devices.”

Webber further said that Nokia was collaborating with Microsoft “”to make sure their platform supports the broad set of things we want to do with PureView imaging.” However, he didn’t peg a definite timeline as to when we may expect the release of a Lumia device featuring this technology.

He also said that he wasn’t pessimistic about Lumia’s future. According to him, the Lumia handsets had a great start and that the future may be promising for them if Nokia and Microsoft keep pushing for them. Nokia is expected to become more involved in the Windows Phone platform. The next release of the platform, Windows Phone 8, is expected to be afforded a glimpse at, at the Windows Phone event on June 20th. In Windows Phone 8, it is being said, Nokia will have a great role in that it will be offering its own Maps in place of Microsoft’s Bing maps.

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Courtesy: The Verge

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