Purported Images Of BlackBerry N-Series Phone Hit The Web

January is just around the corner and so, we hope, is the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 handsets that RIM has been promising. So far the company has been fairly mum about the new handsets but a few purported images of one of these devices have now hit the web which are quite impressive.

BlackBerry 10

RIM has already cited intentions of sticking with the physical keyboard for some of its upcoming devices, although it will also release keyboard-less BlackBerry 10 handsets. Many had expressed concerns over these plans, saying that the strategy of continuing the use of physical keyboards in BB10 handset may not be so good an idea.

However, the purportedly leaked images of a BlackBerry N-Series handset may now change quite a few minds. The leaked images haven’t been taken with a good cam and they are a great deal blurred. Still, they give you a fairly well idea of what the device looks like.

The images show a smartphone with an exquisite display design, together with sharp corners and elegance. Towards the bottom, it packs a physical keyboard which, again, from the looks of it seems to gel in perfectly with the overall design of the device.

In a fleeting glance, the device has an excellent design which is almost intuitive. However, what remains to be seen is that how good a software is BlackBerry 10 going to be since on that depends the future prospects of RIM.

Source: CN Beta

Courtesy: Engadget

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