RIM Announces BlackBerry Z10 With A Stunning 4.2-Inch Display, 3G Support And More

RIM has been ‘virtually’ out of the smartphone game, an arena which is overwhelmingly dominated by Apple and Samsung these days. However, the company hopes to make a come back with its flagship BlackBerry Z10, a new BlackBerry 10 handset that it unveiled yesterday.

BlackBerry Z10

As with the other handset RIM announced yesterday, the details of Z10 are scarce. RIM has been fairly mum in detailing out the exact specifications of its new BlackBerry 10 devices.

However, what we do know is that Z10 packs a 4.2″ display which has a 356 ppi pixel density. In other words, this display’s pixel density is close to the pixel density sported by a Retina display. That certainly makes it worth looking forward to. Other than that, Z10 features an 8-megapixel camera and 16GB of internal storage. It also supports microSD cards so that you can extend its storage space significantly.

BlackBerry Z10

Another highlight of the smartphone is that it comes with 3G LTE support. So you can stay assured of high-speed connectivity on the handset. RIM’s chief emphasis, when showing off Z10, was on the fact that the ecosystem offered through Z10 is extensive and very well supported.

BlackBerry Z10 comes with voice control, guaranteed super-fast browsing, NFC support and a BlackBerry Hub, which is essentially your one-shop stop for all social media and email accounts. You can access all your incoming messages through this single hub. Whenever you wish to type a message, a virtual keyboard springs up which is yet another cookie.

RIM promises that it is offering an extensive repository of apps, music and a lot of other content through this smartphone. The device will be made available starting from tomorrow. It will hit the shelves first in UK, tomorrow to be exact, then in Canada on February 5th followed by a UAE launch on February 10th. Availability in the U.S. is expected in March.

While exact pricing details are unknown, the BlackBerry blog divulges that in Canada, it will probably retail around $149.99 with a three-year contract. Hit the links below to dig into more details regarding BlackBerry Z10.

Source: BB Blogs/BlackBerry

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