RIM Working On Just One Blackberry 10 Device: BlackBerry London

Research In Motion, the Canadian company that spear-headed the smartphone revolution with BlackBerry has been in hot waters lately. It has been facing a financial crunch and it’s share in the smartphone market has dropped drastically in face of iPhone and Android smartphones. RIM did say it has plans to counter these next-generation smartphones but so far, it has released no device to compete them. However, this latest round of rumors say that RIM is dropping all other plans to pursue just one, nifty smartphone: BlackBerry London, which will tool BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry Colt and Milan trashed:
Earlier, there has been speculation that RIM will be producing three new devices on the BlackBerry line of devices: Milan, a device which was to be BB7 and was to be somewhat similar to the current BlackBerry smartphone models. Reportedly, the carriers refused to try the device, given the fact that similar BB models released earlier are no good any more.

The second model, that has now been trashed, was the Colt. It was supposed to the run the latest BB OS BB10 and was to be made with a 3-inch display and the traditional BlackBerry qwerty keyboard. The reports say that any plans for producing this model are no longer being pursued.

Focus on BlackBerry London:
The third model, and the model which the rumors say is the only one RIM is now focusing on, is BlackBerry London. BB London is indeed a device that can pitch into the rapidly expanding smartphone market. With a display that encompasses the entire front face of the device, it doesn’t have the traditional qwerty keyboard and comes with BB10.

Whether or not the reports are true can’t be confirmed. However, it does make sense that carriers are ready to carry only a BB-London-like device since traditional BB design does not attract an average smartphone user any more, especially with the high-end iPhone and Android smartphone devices with their ultra-sleek designs. Perhaps by concentrating on this single device, RIM may be able to accomplish what it desperately need to accomplish right now – succeed.

Image courtesy The Verge.

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