Windows Says Siri Is Nothing New

Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer says that the Siri technology introduced by Apple in iPhone 4S is nothing new. According to him, Microsoft introduced a similar technology about a year ago. The technology he referred to is the ‘Timeline’ feature that was included in Windows Phone.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Craig Mundle said that he was surprised how Siri was such a huge success. According to Craig, Microsoft had launched a similar technology about a year ago. He was of the opinion that the ‘Timeline’ feature in Windows Phone was somewhat similar to the Siri feature in iPhone 4S.

Apple’s strategy of ‘hammer’ advertisement:
Craig admitted that Apple really knew how to advertise a product. In his interview, he said that although iPhone 4S had barely anything new, apart from Siri, it was a huge success. He further said, “In a sense, you know, many people were disappointed with [Apple’s] newest phone because it wasn’t a completely new thing, so the only thing they really had to hammer on was that feature.” This, he said, was the key to the success of Apple’s products. On a lighter note, he further said that perhaps this was something Microsoft can learn from.

Windows Mobile hasn’t done well on the market. Microsoft shifted it’s focus in mobile-market from enterprise users to normal consumers. And this change hasn’t been smooth for the company. But Craig is hopeful that in the wake of a recent partnership with Nokia, the mobile giant, Microsoft is hopeful that it will do far better in the mobile market in the coming days.


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