[Rumor] Front-Facing Camera Module Of iPhone 5S Leaked

We have seen purported images of iPhone 5S before. Besides these photos, lots have of rumors and leakages on iPhone 5S also came out time to time. In continuation of the trend, NowhereElse blog has released purported images of iPhone 5S’ front-facing camera module.

iPhone 5S Front Facing Camera Module

NowhereElse blog claims that the design of the front-facing camera module of iPhone 5S “differs greatly from that of the iPhone 5.” By comparing the camera module of iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S, you will find iPhone 5S’ camera module has been “extended a bit” than the iPhone 5. You can see the new camera module in the photos (both above and below).

Leaked Front Facing Camera Module Of iPhone 5S

According the speculations, Apple may ship the iPhone 5S in August. The phone is rumored to have 12MP rear-camera and a longer home button compared to iPhone 5.

Source: NowhereElse

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