Samsung Galaxy S III May Come With Wireless Charging

The tech front has been fairly quiet about Samsung Galaxy S III so far. Now, however, a number of ‘rumors’ have surfaced about the upcoming release of Samsung’s flagship line of smartphones. First we saw a mock-up of the device, then a senior Samsung executive reportedly declared that S III will have quad-core and on-chip LTE. And now, there are reports that the device will also come with wireless charging capabilities.

It is now being said the Galaxy S III will come with wireless charging right out of the box. And that the wireless charging system that will be used in the device is Samsung’s very own patented system. If this rumor be true, this would be the first handset from Samsung to have this feature.

Given the wildly popular success of Apple devices, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Samsung actually releases S III with this and a number of new features. The bar is set pretty high and Samsung needs to be somewhere near it to entice a sufficiently larger user following.

Wireless charging is nothing new and you could have used it on a number of Android devices already with the help of accessories from some major industry manufacturers. But with this purported move, Samsung can present the users with its own wireless charging solution so that the users don’t have to carry cables from other vendors. This, of course, is still a rumor and so, we can’t yet be sure if this is what the much-anticipated Galaxy S III will actually feature.

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  1. Tsais_eredar

    “The bar is set pretty high and Samsung needs to be somewhere near it to entice a sufficiently larger user following.”

    More Crapple fanboi hogwash? 

    Remember, it was Samsung who set the bar with the Galaxy SII, which Apple hasn’t cleared yet.
    We’ll see how the tech-advance battle goes this year.

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