Samsung Finally Unveils The First Official Teaser Of The New Galaxy Smartphone

The world had been eagerly anticipating what the Korean electronics maker was about to unveil ever since it launched the countdown to ‘the next Galaxy.’ As soon as the countdown culminated, Samsung has posted a teaser for the upcoming Galaxy device and has also invited the users to register to catch the event live from London.

Somewhat to the disappointment of the users and anticipating fans, Samsung didn’t reveal much about the device. Rather, the teaser merely states, albeit rather vaguely, that the upcoming Galaxy phone will be something that fits perfectly into your hands.

In all, Samsung revealed two trailers, both of them equally vague. However, the next Galaxy device definitely is going to unveil a significant improvement in the flagship line of Samsung smartphones, given the fact that the company is creating a lot of hype around it.

Another bit revealed in the teasers is that the device will become ‘a natural side of life.’ That, again, is no clearer. Guess we will have to wait for the next week in which Samsung is expected to finally reveal something substantial about the device, if not the device itself. The teaser has been posted below, so treat yourself:

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