Samsung Focus S – Windows Phone With Style

Windows Phone market has yet to fully realize it’s potential. However, with the release of Samsung Focus S, we can hope that the users’ eyes will finally shift to Windows Phone. With it’s ultra-light, ultra-thin design and smooth functioning, this latest smartphone is definitely a treat.

Finally an awesome Windows Phone:
In the past, Windows Phone has failed to impressed a significant number of smartphone users. Windows Phone OS has been used by a number of vendors in the past but none of them has been a success. However, this smartphone by Samsung is very promising – it catches your eye with it’s enticing looks and  captures your heart with the smooth functionality.

Thumbs up:
The design is ultra-thin, the display is excellent and the overall look of the phone is oh-so-cool!! With fair dimensions of 5 by 2.6 inches and about 0.3 inch thick. The phone runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Of course with an interface from Windows, you can rest assured that it brings the ultimate usability experience. You get three buttons at the bottom of the screen which truly make a smartphone user’s life easy – back, home and search. Finally, an 8-megapixal camera in the rear tops this treat with a cherry!

Thumbs down:
To be honest, there’s nothing seriously wrong with this phone. From software to hardware and from design to functioning, it works smooth! However, the ultra-light weight of the phone, less than four ounces, may feel a little odd to some. Analysts have cast a subtle doubt that it may compromise the durability of the phone. But then again, it depends more on the user how he tools the nifty device.

Image courtesy ciron 810.
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