Gresso Jackpot phone

Think it cost you a pretty penny for your latest smartphone? What you shelled out was pocket lint compared to what it would take you to get a hold of Gresso’s Las Vegas Jackpot phone.Yes, you read right: $1,000,000 per phone and there are only three of them. Each comes encrusted with a sapphire keypad, black diamonds, lots of gold, shiny metal and precious wood….

You’d think that the market for upscale cell phones would be in the horse latitudes right now, but just try and tell that to the folks out at Gresso. They’ve just introduced their newest cell phone, the Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot, and it’s got a Las Vegas price tag, too: one million dollars.This whale of a cell phone (a double joke there!) is made from–get this!–180 grams of pure gold. The gold is followed up with fully 45 .5 karat black diamonds, and then an African blackwood back panel is added on. The keypad keys, meanwhile, were made from a single crystal sapphire that’s been manually polished and engraved with a laser.

And as if that didn’t make it just scream “money!” loud enough, perhaps the fact that only three of them will ever be made will. That’s right–if you want one of these phones, best start shattering the piggy bank for good because there’s only three of them on the face of the earth.Oh, and if your check from the trust fund will arrive too late to get this phone, don’t worry–there will be plenty of Luxor Las Vegas models available that don’t have the black diamonds or the sapphire keypad. You can get those for just $20,000.

So Gresso’s decided the only way forward is to collect all the fine materials it had lying around black diamonds, pure gold, diamond-cut sapphire crystals, and 200-year old African blackwood sprinkle them atop an otherwise nondescript featurephone, and slap on the spectacular price tag of $1,000,000. Only three Jackpots are being made, while there’ll be a Las Vegas handset without the black diamonds and sapphires for the more mundanely rich among us, priced at $20,000. Oh Gresso, just one tip: next time, try to align your earpiece to your fancy designs, we hear wealthy folks appreciate some attention to detail.


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