Samsung Gravity T and Smile live pictures

Samsung’s Gravity T (SGH-T669) and Smile (SGH-T359) have been caught in front of the camera. Both the phones will arrive on T-Mobile and will be targeted at avid messaging consumers who need a physical QWERTY keyboard at an affordable price.

As far as other features are concerned, Gravity T will have a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, TouchWiz UI, 3G whereas Smile will come with 3G, Bluetooth and 1.3MP camera.


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  1. Sparkhalil

    hi i live in africa precisely in ivoiry coast, sorry for my a little twisted English, I am in ownership of a samsung gravity touch SGH t669 of T-mobile queje would like to unlock, after several local attempts the phone always is to block(surround) and posts(shows) now ” unavailable PHONE FREEZE SIM contact the access provider “. Of my country I cannot pay you, I seek your indulgence to have unlock code and the unfreeze code. the IMEI is: 353652/04/0231 53/3, my email address thank you in advance

  2. Bob Band50

    Does gravity 3 phone have password lock keypad?

  3. Aabrinegar

    How do I transfer pictures from my Samsung Gravity t cell phone to my computer using the memory card?

  4. Latrisha

    can somebody help me unlock my phone. it has a phonr freeze on it and i cant do anything until i get da code.

  5. Patrcikw

    I put a passcode on my phone and forgot it now i cant get to anything because i need the passcode to access my phone so can anyone give me some advice on what i should do??

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