Samsung Hopes To Ship 510 Million Phones In 2013

Samsung recently surpassed Nokia to take the crown of the world’s largest phone vendor, in terms of sales volume. The company expects to continue its momentum and sell a whopping 510 million phone during the next year.

Samsung Galaxy devices

Some may think that the number is too optimistic, but a looking at Samsung’s performance during 2012 puts it well in perspective. The Korean electronics giant sold a total of 420 million cellphone units during the year 2012, and with the success of its more recent releases such as Galaxy Note and Galaxy S handsets, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it actually surpasses the projected target.

A jump from 420 million units in 2012 to 510 million units during 2013 would mark an increase of 20% in year-over-year sales volume. What is rather significant is Samsung’s hope that of the 510 million units it plans to sell during 2013, nearly 390 million units will be smartphones. Other 120 million units would be more budget-friendly feature phones which have let Samsung sustain its presence in developing markets. Although Samsung has banked heavily on Android in gaining a strong foothold into the smartphone market, the company also has other plans.

It intends to push the Windows Phone wagon by launching its own Windows Phone 8 smartphones. However, it is quite obvious that to continue its success in the smartphone arena, Samsung will have to stick with the Android platform which is currently its forte.

Source: Korea Times

Courtesy: BGR

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