Samsung May Bring Some Galaxy S4 Features To Other Galaxy Devices

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone is already making a lot of headlines. Not only does the new flagship handset pack impressive specifications, but it also ships with many great UI improvements. And Samsung has now hinted that it may bring these software improvements and features to other flagships devices too in the future.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Compared to Galaxy S III, the new Galaxy S4 brings on board a number of new features such as Smart scroll and Air gesture. While the prospective Galaxy S4 buyers may be fairly excited about this, users of earlier Galaxy devices are eager to know that whether or not the same features will land on their devices.

Samsung’s vice president of portfolio planning, Nick DiCarlo, responds to these queries by saying, “Anything that we can do that’s not dependent on hardware like infrared, we’ll definitely bring to all the flagship devices.” Those are certainly encouraging words, somewhat of a ray of hope for Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note users.

DiCarlo further comments that while Samsung could have gone for a camera with more mega-pixels, it put a stop at 13-megapixel. That, in his words, is because, “for the average person the day-to-day person you’re not having a quality argument about photography. For your everyday use case, the ability to remove photobombers and that kind of stuff is really what’s going to have people talking.”

He then talks about the way Samsung has handled Android and added a flavor of its own to the mobile OS. According to him, that only goes on to show the sheer variety and flexibility that only Android can offer.

Courtesy: PC Mag

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