Samsung Plans Entering The Lucrative Mobile-Ad Market

Mobile ad market has become a very lucrative industry with millions of users flocking to the mobile platform. Major vendors are now trying to move to a model where advertising on their devices will directly involve them. For instance, Apple already has iAd for its iOS devices. And now, Samsung has made a partnership with OpenX Technologies in a bid to allow advertisers to purchase mobile ad space directly from Samsung itself.

According to Samsung, this would be a win-win situation for both the company as well as the advertisers and developers. The advertisers will be able to find a more targeted audience and they will be dealing directly with the company or the developers for ad space, without having to pay any other middle men. Even more enticing is the assurance from Samsung that this will significantly boast the revenue for the developers, which can lure the mobile developers into getting on board with this.

This was pretty much summed up in the words of Vice President of Samsung’s Media Solution Center, Daniel Park, ‘Samsung is empowering both the developer and the advertiser, by creating a win-win solution, in which the app developer is able to achieve higher revenues and advertisers are able to reach their marketing goals.’

Of course Samsung also intends to make something out of the whole setup or it wouldn’t have bothered in the first place. However, things may not turn out to be very rosy for Samsung there. Apple’s iAd isn’t doing significantly well and the company had to announce a number of incentives for the developers recently. Samsung may want to note that and know that making a big buck out of this venture wouldn’t be a very hopeful idea.

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