Samsung Tops The List Of Smart Connected Device Vendors, Apple Comes In Second

Apple is hailed as the undisputed king of the smartphone and tablet market. Despite many competitors, Apple has led both markets in terms of the revenue it generates. But Samsung has overtaken everyone when it comes to the sheer volume of quarterly smart connected device shipments.

IDC Smart devices stats

Samsung’s dominant position when it comes to sales volume is quite understandable. Whereas Apple banks on the sales of iPhone and iPad to be a leader in the mobile world, Samsung has a whole plethora of devices available in the market. Moreover, Samsung’s TVs are also counted as connected devices and the company sells them in a fairly handsome volume.

According to recently released statistics by the research firm IDC, Samsung dished out 66.1 million smart connected devices during the third quarter of 2012 alone. In doing so, it was able to grab 21.8% of the market share which marked a whopping 97.5% year over year growth.

In comparison, Apple shipped out 45.8 million connected devices during the same time which is equivalent to 15.1% share of the market. This signified a much lower growth of 38.3%. The duo was succeeded by Lenovo on the third position, HP on the fourth position and Sony on the fifth position.

Lenovo registered a decent growth of 60% during the 3rd quarter, selling 21.1 million connected devices. HP, however, continues its downward spiral with a sales of mere 14.1% which marked a 20.5% decline in the company’s sales volume since last year. Sony has had a few lukewarm successes with its handsets but so far, none of the company’s handsets has been able to gain significant traction in the market.

Source: IDC

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