Samsung Ups The Power Game With Quad-Core Mobile Processor

The two key aspects of next-generation processors are: providing more power and hence better performance; and at the same time, consume less power, letting batteries last longer. Nvidia announced a quad-core processor last year, a move which definitely lent it a lead on many others. Samsung has apparently decided to come up with it’s new set of silicon chips too, having unveiled it’s own quad-core mobile processors.

During the International Solid-State Circuits Conference, Samsung allowed a quick peek at it’s new dual-core and quad-core mobile processors. According to the Korean company, it’s new processors utilize 32nm technology rather than the formerly-used 45nm technology. Consequently, it is also being said that the 32nm technology enables this chip to deliver a 26 percent higher functionality that it’s 45nm predecessors.

But that is not it. Apart from delivering a much higher functionality, the chip is also said to enhance the video framerates by a quarter, which can significantly enhance the viewing experience for a user. Moreover, the new chips consume less battery juice and Samsung promises these chips can ensure a 35 to 40 percent improvement in battery life.

This set of new chips from Samsung shows that it is taking user’s concerns regarding the battery lives of future devices seriously and intends to improve the battery performance of it’s upcoming devices. The official unveiling of these processors is expected during the Mobile World Congress, so keep tuned in for further details.

Image courtesy Manila.

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