Samsung’s ARM Chip Beats Intel Atom After Benchmark Revised

Earlier reports claimed Intel Atom processors perform better compared to ARM-based chips. But a revised AnTuTu Benchmark has questioned the claims.

AnTuTu scores for Intel Atom Z2580

In earlier benchmarks, Lenovo K900’s Intel Atom Z2580 showed faster performance against Samsung Galaxy S4’s Exynos 5 Octa processor. But a report by EE Times identified that the testing process has some discrepancies. Technical consulting firm BDTI pointed out that Intel’s Atom processor wasn’t executing all the instructions to be run during the RAM test. This artificially improved that results in favor of Intel Atom.

After receiving the criticism, AnTuTu revised its benchmarking tool for Android. The revised tests of the Atom Z2580 processor dropped overall scores by 20 percent for the processor.

This brings the ARM-based Samsung Exonys 5 Octa processor on top of Intel Atom Z2580 in terms of performance. Seems, Intel has a lot more to do to touch ARM-based processors in performance.

Samsung galaxy S4 & Lenovo K900 benchmarks

Thanks to: EE Times

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