Samsung’s Wireless Charger For Galaxy S III Will Land In September

Samsung has been touting the wireless charger for its latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy S III, as something extra-ordinary. At the launch event, the Korean electronics maker declared that the charger was the first of its kind, making use of resonance technology and used with a mobile for the first time. However, we may have to wait a bit longer to lay our hands on this charger.

Galaxy S III is expected to arrive in Europe on May 29. The LTE-enabled model will follow on its heels and is expected to arrive in US and Japan during the summers. However, the wireless charger that was spoken of at the launch event wouldn’t accompany the device. Not yet.

Although Samsung hasn’t officially stated when the charger will arrive, it did say that it will be slightly delayed, compared to the device itself. And now, an accessory retailer MobileFun has claimed that the charger will arrive in the market at least four months after S III becomes available. That is definitely going to be quite a wait.

Interestingly, during the launch event, there was no wireless charger in view and it may be that Samsung is still finalizing some last details of the accessory. In fact, it has also been rumored that the company may be trying to devise some new wireless charging standards for its charger. This is being done in collaboration with Powermat and Qualcomm, analysts have speculated.

Source: SlashGear

Courtesy: The Verge

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