Shanzhai Adidas Shoe Phone

Shanzhai and Adidas have joined together to release the Adidas Shoe Phone. It is a clamshell phone that features the famous Adidas 3-Stripes. The phone looks like a sport short from the front size and even the back is also made to look like the sole of a shoe. But after opening it, its charm fades completely.

Features and Specifications:

* 2.4 inch screen (240 X 320)
* Dual SIM card slots and
* Camera (1.3 megapixel)
* FM radio
* Micro-SD card slot
* Mini-USB port
* Removable battery.
* GSM, and runs “MTK platform” (supports English and Chinese simplified language UI)
* Up to 4 hours of standby time
* 3 hours of talking time
* Supports MP3 files for music
* 3GP
* MP4 and AVI for videos.

Price of this phone is Rs4000 (approx).

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