Single iPhone 5 At $15 Million – Story Of World’s Most Expensive Bejeweled iPhone

Though the real cost of iPhone 5 is just $167.50, what maximum amount do you wish to spend to get an iPhone 5? Do you wish to spend $15 million to get an iPhone 5? I’m not kidding guys! There is really a customized iPhone 5 that costs $15 million!

Bejeweled iPhone 5

We already know that what iPhone 5 has got and what its pricing is. But this very device could cost more depending on specifications ordered from the Apple’s website. A Hong Kong businessman has now a customized iPhone 5 called “Black Diamond iPhone 5” that costs $15 million. So what special features does Black Diamond iPhone 5 have?

Well it features a diamond and gold encrusted handset, including a hidden 23 carat black diamond as the home button. The rare black diamond that makes up the home button is a rare gem that has been in the phone owner’s family for generations. Besides, that iPhone 5 includes 600 white diamonds, solid gold dressing and the Apple logo made up of 53 diamonds.

In 2011, there was an iPhone 4S made with 500 individual diamonds, totaling more than 100 carats. That phone was estimated to be valued at $9 million.

Source: KCTV 5

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