Sony Ericsson 16MP Camera Phone Leaked

Sony Ericsson is releasing a 16MP camera phone in the new year.Initially the phone is destined for Japan,but the new handset has sashayed through the FCC and comes with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, what looks like a touchscreen atop a slide-out portrait keyboard.

However, despite the powerful processor on board, there’s no Android OS on show here, merely a Sony Ericsson proprietary system, so hopefully that camera is the thing that will be sucking the CPU power.

Whilst the accompanying images of the upcoming Sony Ericsson device might show a less than attractive, slightly dated handset, the leaked unit is reportedly waterproof and features a backlit sensor allowing for high-quality low-light shots to be taken. It will reportedly forgo the likes of Android and Windows Phone 7 and run a proprietary Sony Ericsson OS.

Other known specs of the 16-megapixel cameraphone see the device packing the usual array of inbuilt Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity as well as the now standard microSD slot. It is not currently known, when, or if, the spotted handset will make it to UK shores.


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