Sony Ericsson Shakira becomes XPERIA X8

After the blurry, noisy image of the rumored Sony Ericsson Shakira we finally get to see it on a bunch of pretty nice looking shots.

Apparently, the Android-running smartphone will actually be named XPERIA X8 but we’ll have to wait for its official announcement to see the full specs sheet of the device.

While we still have no clue what the XPERIA X8 will come with on board we do know how it will look like. Now, forget about the low quality image of the X8, which leaked a week ago, and enjoy those his-res photos.

XPERIA X8 will take the free spot right between the extra large Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and the super tiny Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini. And as the images reveal, on top of the Android OS (version unknown) we’ll see an X10-mini-like UI. Sadly, we don’t know any other features of X8.


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