Spike Is A Smartphone Add-On That Lets You Take Laser Measurements Of Any Object

Imagine standing in front of a beautiful building and taking photos. Now imagine if you could create an exact virtual 3D model through those photos. Spike, a new smartphone add-on, lets you do precisely that.


Spike is an excellent new tool, built by IkeGPS. It relies on laser measurements so that when you take a photo using the Spike smartphone app and the corresponding add-on equipment, you are able to get a 3D model, with the exactly proportionate dimensions, straight on your smartphone.

The add-on, provided by IkeGPS, straps on the back of a smartphone and comes equipped with a built-in laser range finder, Bluetooth chip and a 3D compass. While primarily relying on this, the Spike hardware also makes use of the camera and GPS in your smartphone.

The 3D photos snapped with the Spike hardware are absolutely accurate, so much so that you can create a precise 3D model of an object using them. The add-on device measures 90 x 50 x 20 mm and has a Li-ion cell battery of its own. The battery can be recharged using a Micro USB connector.

Laser hardware surveying has generally used by architects until now as it is critically important in determining the exact dimensions and volume of an object, usually a building. But with the Spike hardware and the smartphone app accompanying it, IkeGPS aims to bring this tech to a common user.

The company ran a successful KickStarter campaign, amassing pledges twice the amount it set as its original target. Now that the campaign has successfully completed, you can pre-order the Spike gear for $599 straight from IkeGPS’ website. The company has already completed building an app for the Android handsets and is working on an iOS app.

Source: IkeGPS/KickStarter

Courtesy: Gizmag

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