Sprint 4G LTE Finally Reaches New York City, But Not With Full Coverage

New York City is about to get the “4G LTE by Sprint” branding. Sprint has announced to roll out its LTE services in New York City.


Unfortunately, Sprint’s LTE network won’t be available allover New York City. At first, it will be offered in Brooklyn and Bronx. And the network will be live on July 30.

The rest of New York – Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island – will be out of the ‘radar’ for now. Sprint said that these areas will be covered in the “in the coming months.” But no specific or even tentative date was mentioned.
The challenges Sprint faces in rolling out LTE in New York are both of technical and financial nature. The city is densely populated, and high rise buildings are everywhere. Due to the nature of LTE radio signals, deploying in such areas is both expensive and difficult.

However, Sprint is finally in. It also pushed forward to deploy cellphone networks in New York subway stations. Sprint aims to connect all 277 underground stations to cellphone networks, and will start working in early 2014.

Thanks to: CNET

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