Sprint Offers New Unlimited Plans, T-Mobile Offers Handset Upgrades Twice A Year

Today seems to be a good day for consumers. Because two of the nations largest carriers have announced new plans for their customers. The first announcement came from Sprint, which introduced its Unlimited, My Way and My All-In plans. It is followed by T-Mobile’s JUMP, which will let users upgrade their handset twice a year.

Sprint unlimited plan leak

The new unlimited plans from Sprint were first leaked by PhoneArena, and later confirmed by Engadget. The Unlimited, My Way plan has expanded the currently available Everything plan. There are more options and choices now. A single line with unlimited talk and text will cost $50/month. Each additinal line will be available at $10 rebate from the previous. For example, a second line would cost $40/month, a third line would cost $30/month and on. For $30/month users can get unlimited data. The My All-in plan packs unlimited voice, text, data and 5GB mobile hotspot for $110/month. And if you get any of the plan, you’ll get it “for life of that line of service.”

T-Mobile JUMP

T-Mobile’s JUMP plan, on the other hand, address a different domain. It is aimed at gadget enthusiasts who likes to use new high-end handsets when they arrive. With JUMP (which proabably stand for “Just Upgrade My Phone”) users will be able to upgrade handsets twice a year. After every six-months customers can trade in their old eligible handset for a new one. However, the plan “may not be available in all locations.”

Thanks to: PhoneArena, Engadget(1), Engadget(2)

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