Sprint To Limit Mobile Hotspot Data To 5GB

SprintFeed reports that Sprint will be limiting its mobile hotspot plans to 5GB of data as of October 2nd, only days ahead of the rumored iPhone 4S/5 launch and reuters reports that Sprint CEO reveals he will have to change guidance 2011, if the company started selling the Apple’s iPhone. The 5GB mobile hotspot data announcement doesn’t affect normal mobile or tablet usag and Sprint will still offer unlimited for those using data on-device, but for those who purchase the additional $29.99/mo hotspot plans will be limited to 5GB of data a month………………..


Sprint will offer Apple‘s iPhone 5 when it is launched in the next few weeks, alongside AT&T and Verizon and looks like Sprint is planning to limit the mobile hotspot plans to 5GB of data, according to a report on SprintFeed. Sprint is expected to offer iPhone customers an unlimited data plan to compete with AT&T and Verizon, so capping the mobile hotspot to 5GB of data seems quite odd. SprintFeed reports:

We’ve seen ETFs increase, Sprint Premier go away, upgrade fees raised, what next? We can now add Phone as a Modem to the list. Our beloved Super Spies have been bringing the pain lately and today is no exception! Starting on October 2nd the Now Network will be switching up their mobile hotspot plans by placing a 5GB cap on them. This rule doesn’t apply to your phone’s normal data plan and tablets are exempt as well, but just about everything else is up for grabs! We must warn that if you’re one of the bold few that plans on going over your limit, we must warn you that the new setup will charge you at a rate of five cents per MB. Of course if you’re one of those sneaks that tethers below the radar, this doesn’t apply to you, but watch out, you might be next in line for a change!

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, declined to comment on whether Sprint will sell the next version of iPhone, he told a Goldman Sachs investor conference the company did not include iPhone sales in its previous guidance for 2011 and many  analysts expect Sprint will become the third U.S. operator to sell the iPhone when the next version is launched. He told the investors that, he’s going to come up with all of the additional money and subscribers that will come with getting the iPhone and offering it on unlimited data plans. He also said about the rumored device that, “If we get it–if–we may have to adjust our guidance for that.” But all Hesse would say was that, in order to meet full-year targets, Sprint would just need to have a very strong fourth quarter.



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