StoreDot Charger Can Fully Boost Your Smartphone In 30 Seconds

Smartphone batteries, their consumption and the time it takes to recharge them are issues that come with the territory. StoreDot has now come up with a new charger that can notch up the battery of your handset to 100% in a mere 30 seconds.

StoreDot charger

Imagine the real-world applications of such a charger: you would virtually never be out of battery and whenever you are close to the red line, you plug in the StoreDot charger and shoot back to 100% in half a minute. Such a product, when it arrives, will really fly right off the shelves. However, we’ve got to hold those wishful horses for a while now.

Right now, the StoreDot charger is the size of a laptop charger. Moreover, although the startup has demonstrated with a fully functional prototype, the actual product is still going to take a while. Meanwhile, StoreDot is trying to diminish the size of the charger to make it look more appropriate for a smartphone.

It would appear that this extraordinary break-through by StoreDot comes as a result of some really intelligent use of the quantum dots. They are nano-size crystals which pack some really amazing electrical and optical properties. Back in November, we were told that StoreDot used the quantum dots to make a power cell, hold five times as much charge as it normally does.

This hints at the immense possibilities which can be realized by using quantum dots. It is nearly certain that in its super charger, StoreDot is using similar quantum dots to achieve instant charging. Sadly, though, we will have to wait until late 2016 to see this charger as a consumer-ready product.

Source: WSJ

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