Swiss Watchmaker TAG Heuer Hints At A Carbon-Fiber Wrapped Smartphone

The chief claim to fame of the company TAG Heuer is watches. However, the company has long diverted away from its core business of watchmaking and gone into many other businesses. The latest on the list is manufacturing Android smartphones, apparently. TAG Heuer has dished out a release which gives teasing hints about a smartphone themed about racing cars, and probably sharing its looks with them too.

The phrase that TAG Heuer uses to describe its upcoming smartphone is what is usually used for cars and spacecraft. ‘Unparalleled torsion and strength to weight ratio’ does sound a lot like the description for a sports car. And precisely that’s why the new smartphone from TAG Heuer is named ‘Racer’ which will turn out to be a highly-themed and most likely very expensive smartphone.

The looks of this new smartphone are indeed very enticing. Wrapped in a carbon-fiber case and titanium, the smartphone is Android-based and has a 3D interface with a high-speed processor. We expect that the rest of the specs of the device will be no less impressive, given the fact it’s quite obvious that TAG Heuer is targeting the upper end.

The video that the company has released to give us a teasing hint about the device is itself very impressive and artsy. You may want to give it a look:

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