T-Mobile Shifts To No-Contract Model For Good

Earlier this month, we reported about T-Mobile’s possible shift to no-contract wireless plans. T-Mobile has completely switched to contract-free plans yesterday, as speculated.

This move follows T-Mobile’s earlier initiatives of offering options to choose from a traditional two-year contract or no contract at all. On T-Mobile’s website, you will find monthly plans starting from $50 now. The starter plan includes unlimited talk and text with 500MB data. If you want to include 2GB more, then you’ll need to pay $60 in total. You have to add $10 more to your bill for each 2GB data chunk.

However, this is not all that you’ll need to cough up? Now that T-Mobile is not offering any subsidy on handsets, you’ll need to pay the price in equal installments for 24 months after making a down payment up front, if any. For example, Samsung Galaxy S III would cost $20/month for 24 months after a payment of $109.99 up front. Galaxy S II would cost $16/month for 24 months without any initial deposit.

The new plans are at par with other smaller pre-paid wireless carriers. The thing to see is how this new shift helps T-mobile.

Thanks to: CNET

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