Testing and Manufacturing Vedios of Google’s Nexus One

Double feature is marked by the testing and manufacturing of the device, and while the all-white facilities and assembly lines can be interesting in their own right, we love nothing more than seeing just how Google and HTC stress test its labor of love. Watch it dropped, slammed, bent, poked, and detonated.Maybe not detonated, and we unfortunately don’t get to see any phones crack, but it’s still good fun.
new video with the making of Nexus One, which actually is the fourth of the series, it offers a glimpse at the manufacturing process for the device. Entitled “A preview from HTC into the manufacturing of Nexus One,” the video shows us that HTC worked with more than 100 partners for the production of the handset, as well as how some of the parts are put together in the manufacturing line.

Watch the new videos below.



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    I like the video, but I wish it was less robotic. They should show more human hands testing these products.

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