Toy Story characters on Sony Walkman

In September last year, Sony rolled out the S Series Walkman, portable audio and video players, which are supposed to compete with the iPod Nano. And today, Sony in Japan announced [JP] a branded version of those Walkmans, namely the “Disney Character S Series Walkman”. To be more exact, Sony introduced nine Disney-themed Walkmans, a special case and a Mickey Mouse stand…

Sony decided to go on a little merchandise tie-in with their new line of Walkman S-Series accessories which will come imprinted with your favorite Toy Story character of choice, with the original Sony Walkman Toy Story clear case model known as the CC-DW-TS3 retailing for around $18 after conversion.

Sony Style Japan announced a special version of their Walkman S Series that come emblazoned with Toy Story 3 characters at the back. As a reminder, the Japanese manufacturer was already providing a similar offer with Mickey’s characters.

Apart from protecting your Walkman device, it will definitely announce to the world of your affinity for Disney’s Toy Story characters. Compatible models include the NW-S740, S740K, S640, S640K, regardless of whether they are 8GB or 32GB in capacity. Other designs will comprise of images of Woody and Buzz together, the Aliens and Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear.

These particular ones have very old school Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters emblazoned on them either separately or together. The particular models are the NW-S740, S740K, S640, and S640K.


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